Allergy sufferers should carefully read my article. I will not describe chemical interactions for a long time and detail, I'll just talk about the result.

The result is unequivocal - calcium can completely rid you of most types of allergies. Food allergy or polynomia - the resistance of your body with these problems can be increased from 50 to 100%.
It is not profitable for large pharmaceutical corporations that you increase the immunity of your body - they need to sell antihistamines, and doctors should carry out analyzes and long receptions of patients. That's why calcium is prescribed only as an auxiliary drug in a large list of your treatment.
Briefly: with allergy, the permeability of cell membranes is aggravated. This is due to the action of histamine - it dilates the small vessels and increases their permeability, due to which through them into the intercellular space there is plasma, causing swelling.
Calcium preparations strengthen the cell membranes and prevent the whole process from developing!
It is important to understand that calcium does not work momentarily - it's not aspirin. Calcium preparations should be taken continuously for 1 to 2 months. It is advisable to start taking over the dressing before the beginning of the allergenic period and then there will be a maximum effect.
In my practice, these people who are attentive to their health got rid of allergies due to the timely intake of calcium preparations and the right diet. In the first stages, this is all combined with the use of antihistamines of general and local action, but in time, 90% can resist allergies.
And so, you must understand that calcium is useful in any case. It is only necessary to choose which drug is better absorbed by the body. In different countries there are different forms of release of drugs, but the essence is one. It can be calcium gluconate or dietary supplements - the main thing is that it helps.
According to official statistics, every fifth person on earth has one of the forms of allergy - in many cases it is due to a lack of calcium in the body, the cause of ecology and food. But this you will never tell an ordinary doctor in the clinic - he does not have the right to do so. And pharmaceutical companies are profitable!

Denys I

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