If you do not have time to go to the doctor, and you have not learned enough of your body, then try to understand what's on your own.

First, one must understand that most people do not even suspect that they have an allergy, so they start treating a cold. With this, I come across constantly ... And prove to the person that this allergy is not easy.
Consider the symptoms.
Sore throat. Definitely there are no differences, you can not distinguish the pain in the throat for colds from pain with allergies.

Snot. You can actually isolate the allergy from colds. With allergies, your snot is liquid and the most transparent is like glass or ice. With a cold - you yourself know, only the first day snot can be liquid, and then they thicken and change color to green!

Eyes. And with colds and allergies, your eyes can get slimy. But with allergies, there may be feelings of sand in the eyes, such as if something had got there.

For these three symptoms, I know exactly when a person is allergic, and when a cold, but you need to observe at least 1-2 days. Sometimes I came across the fact that a person has an infection or a virus during an allergic period. Important!!! It is necessary to apply antihistamine for 1-2 days and see how many allergy symptoms are weakening.
Often, doctors prescribe drugs for colds with allergies, which only harm the body. Antibiotics, for example, severely weaken human immunity, and in the future the process of treating allergies only becomes more complicated. So pay attention to the throat, snot and eyes, drink an antihistamine of general action or local in the nose or eyes - after a day you will understand the allergy or cold!

Denys I.