Endocervicitis - an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the cervical canal resulting from cervicalinjury during childbirth, abortion, diagnostic curettage and other intrauterine procedures. The inflammatory process is accompanied by mucopurulent or purulent discharge from the genital tract,pulling blunt abdominal pain, fever and general malaise. 

Inflammation of the lining of the uterus - is endometritis. Occurs when it enters the uterus pathogens as a result of other inflammatory diseases, abortion, sexual health violations and the postpartum period. Disease is characterized by fever, pulling pain in the abdomen, lumbar and inguinal areas, mucopurulent or purulentbloody discharge with an unpleasant odor from the vagina.

Facilitate the state at endocervicitis and endometrium is possible if 1 tablespoon chopped herbs Hypericumpour cup boiling water, bring to a boil, boil for 10 minutes on low heat, strain and drink 1/4 cup 3 times a day.Effectively 10 g laurel leaves pour 5 liters of boiling water, strain after 5 minutes and apply tincture for sitz bathsand douches. When severe pain in the abdomen is necessary to grind and mix equal parts by volume of grassnettle roots mugwort and peony, pour 3 tablespoons mix 3 cups of cold water, bring to a boil, boil for 30minutes on low heat, strain and drink throughout the day. To relieve the pain in the vagina, it is necessary to 3 tablespoons anise pour 3 cups boiling water, strain after 8 hours and 2 cups of infusion drink during the day, and 1 cup of the night to use as a compress on the area of the uterus. Very well, pour a glass of boiling water 1tbsp Viburnum flowers, boil for 10 minutes, strain and take 3 tablespoons 3 times per day. Endocervicitis andendometritis retreat if grind with peel, but without seeds, half a lemon and mix it with 2 tablespoons sugar andtake 1 tsp mixture 3 times a day.

Adnexitis (inflammation of the appendages) cause different germs that can get into appendages of the vagina and uterus during an abortion, childbirth, sexual intercourse, as well as blood and lymphatic vessels in otherorgans and tissues in various infectious diseases. Adnexitis sometimes occurs upon administration into the uterine cavity of various chemicals (e.g., iodine, alcohol). Development of the disease contribute tohypothermia, exhaustion, mental stress and violation of rules of personal hygiene.

Menstrual disorders, abdominal pain, fever, weakness, purulent vaginal discharge, headache, dry mouth, nausea and vomiting - symptoms of adneksita. To cope with the disease, it is necessary to grind and mix equal parts by volume of leaves and flowers of immortelle, elderberry flowers and oak bark, pour into a thermos 5 tablespoons a mixture of 1 liter of boiling water, 30-40 minutes strain and posprintsevatsya warm infusion.

Perform the procedure in the morning and evening. Help remove inflammation locust. 1/2 tsp necessaryshredded bark pour 2 cups boiling water, 1 hour, strain and drink 1 / 3-1 / 2 cup 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. You can grind and mix volume 1 part chamomile, nettle leaves 3 parts and 5 parts of grassKnotweed, pour 2 tbsp mixture in a thermos 1 liter of boiling water, drain in an hour and apply tincture 2 times a day for douching. Well at adnexitis pour 4 liters of natural grape wine 150 g of crushed houseplant myrtle, boilon low heat until the pan until there will be 1/3 of the original volume of the liquid, strain and drink 1/2 cup 3times a day. Effectively grind and mix equal parts by volume of iris roots, oregano and calendula, pour 3tablespoons mix 3 cups of boiling water, after 8 hours strain and drink 150 ml 4 times a day for 1 hour before meals. Bring improvement and this infusion: it is necessary to 3 parts by volume of shredded oak bark mixedwith 2 parts lime color, pour 4 tablespoons a mixture of 1 liter of boiling water, after 2-3 minutes and drain warm infusion douche in the morning and evening. Mix by volume, pre-chopped, 2 parts mallow flowers and oak bark, 3 parts sage leaves and chamomile flowers, 5 pieces of walnut leaves, pour 2 tbsp a mixture of 1 liter of boiling water, 20 minutes and filtered using infusion for douching.