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The pill turned out to be a risk factor for glaucoma
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Long - more than three years - taking the oral contraceptive doubles the risk of glaucoma and, as a consequence, the loss of vision. The authors of the study presented November 19,

From the amount of sleep depends on the appetite of the child
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The amount of sleep directly affects the child's appetite, according to experts from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Scientists conducted a study with the participation of 37 children aged 8 to 11 years,

The concern with their appearance in men leads to addiction and depression
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Young men are increasingly concerned with their appearance and weight, resulting in the use of unsafe drugs, which often leads to alcoholism and depression, say U.S. researchers from Boston children's hospital.

Aggressive brain cancer stopped using gold nanoparticles
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A group of experts from northwestern University (Northwestern University, Chicago, USA) managed to turn off the gene responsible for the growth and sustainability of glioblastomas,

New biomarkers will help to identify cancer of the rectum better colonoscopy
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Canadian researchers from McGill University have identified biomarkers that are associated with the early development of colorectal cancer. This may in future affect the prevention and diagnosis of cancer of the rectum.

Mathematical problems cause physical pain
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Fear of solving mathematical problems "includes" areas of the brain that are responsible for physical pain, say researchers from the University of Chicago.

Scientists conducted a study in which scanned the brains of participants who had to solve math homework.

Vitamin D deficiency is threatening anemia in children
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Vitamin D deficiency in children is associated with an increased risk of developing anemia, say researchers from the children's center Johns Hopkins University (USA).

Researchers examined blood samples of about 10.

Diets based on citrus dangerous for women's health
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Citrus diet is a big threat to women's health, say British nutritionists.

Scientists during the 22 years studied the effect of popular diets on health 78 thousand women.

Work in the garden and around the house extends the life of older people
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Work in the garden and household chores increase the life expectancy of the elderly, told Swedish researchers at the Karolinska hospital of the University.

In research took part 4232 volunteers older than 60 years.

Small packaging contribute to overeating
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Products Packed in small packages, lead to overeating, according to researchers from the Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal.

It is believed that sweets and other culinary delights that are sold in small packages,

The social network "clog up" the memory
Medical news

Constant use of social media is bad for memory, said researchers from the Royal Institute of technology Stockholm, Sweden.

The information that the brain relies on,

NAPs improve the process of teaching the youngest students
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Day sleep is necessary not only very young children, but younger students. Scientists from the University of Massachusetts argued that afternoon at leisure to help them better remember the information that contributes to the learning process.

Created test for early diagnosis of melanoma
Medical news



Scientists from the University of Dundee (UK) has developed a unique test for the detection of melanoma development from blood samples. On this analysis it will be possible to determine the change in the level of gene expression TFP12 in DNA that will allow you to diagnose the disease at an early stage,

Tea with bergamot will help you lose weight
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Bergamot blocks the appearance of fat cells, as this plant contains polyphenols that contribute to this effect, consider the Italian pharmacologists.

Scientists conducted an experiment in which took part more than two hundred volunteers.

Germany's first Europe officially recognized third floor
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Germany became the first country in Europe to recognize the third floor. Entered into force a law allowing parents not to register a newborn child-male or female if they were born with traits of both sexes,

Listening to music during pregnancy has a positive effect on child development
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Listening to music during pregnancy is beneficial for the unborn child, confirmed Finnish researchers from the University of Helsinki.

In the experiment took voluntary participation of 24 women who were in the last trimester of pregnancy.

In the Australian state want to ban Smoking in prisons
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From may 2014 officials of Queensland (a state in the North-East mainland Australia) want to introduce a complete ban on Smoking in prisons. For recovery purposes, prisoners instead of cigarettes offer nicotine patches.

Violence in the pair has a negative impact on hormonal women
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Violence in personal relationships affect hormonal women, said the researchers from the University of Oregon.

The study involved 122 pairs. Scientists observed diurnal fluctuations in the level of cortisol (stress hormone) in men and women.

To expend calories you sitting in front of TV
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When watching horror consumes the same amount of calories during a 30-minute walk, according to British researchers from the University of Westminster.

In the study,

Scientists have received from the skin of a human sperm and egg
Medical news



British scientists were able to transform cells of human skin in the precursors of eggs and sperm. According to experts, it can completely change in the future approach to the treatment of infertility and age-related diseases.

Smokers often think about quitting Smoking than about sex
Medical news



A new study has shown that smokers spend more time thinking associated with giving up a bad habit, than about sex, says the Daily Star.

The company Nicorette for the production of various tools (gum,

Scientists have found a protein that can form the basis for the treatment of infertility
Medical news



Australian researchers from the University of Otago believe that they have found a new way to treat infertility. Everything is based on protein kisspeptin. Scientists previously knew that it is important for fertility.

People who sit on a diet, subsequently gaining more weight than they lose
Medical news



Will you continue to sit on the diet, after you lose weight? Most likely, no. As the report published by the University of California, Los Angeles, the majority of people dump through diet about 5-10% of the original mass,

Passive Smoking is damaging effect on teeth
Medical news


People with periodontal disease who were exposed to passive Smoking, suffered more from the loss of bone density and more lost teeth than those who were not exposed to cigarette smoke.

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