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Children of addicts are more resistant to drugs
Medical news



Sons of men who consumed cocaine have increased resistance to the drug, said the researchers from the Medical school of Perelman at the University of Pennsylvania, USA.

Experts have found that cocaine triggers epigenetic changes in sperm.

Zinc can be used in the creation of antibiotics
Medical news



Zinc can form the basis for the creation of a new kind of effective antibiotics, say Australian researchers from the University of Adelaide and the University of Queensland.

In the study,

Immunotherapy during pregnancy will protect the unborn child from allergies
Medical news



Immunotherapy against allergies conducted during pregnancy, reduces the likelihood of bronchial asthma, food Allergy and eczema in the unborn child, according to researchers from the University of Tennessee,

Cleaning the table while eating leads to overeating
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Cleaning table at meal times can become a bad helper of the people who are watching their weight. Researchers from Cornell University, Ithaca, USA found that people eat less when you can see,

Today is world day against diabetes
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Every year on November 14 is world day against diabetes. This date was chosen on the initiative of the International diabetes Federation and the world health organization.

The relevance of the date is confirmed by the statistics - diabetes is becoming increasingly common worldwide.

A new test for prostate cancer save you from unnecessary treatment
Medical news



A new test for detecting prostate cancer, can save thousands of men from unnecessary therapy, leading to serious side effects, says a group of American and British researchers.

About 50% of cases of prostate cancer refers to cancer at low risk.

The Ministry of health wants to require ambulances to bring patients with heart attack in cardiology
Medical news



The Ministry of health intends to require ambulances to take patients with heart attack only in cardiology, where you can spend operative stenting of the coronary arteries. Emergency assistance in the next few hours after a heart attack,

Mediterranean diet prolongs life
Medical news



Middle-aged women who adhere to a Mediterranean diet live longer and have fewer health problems, reported by French researchers from the University of Bordeaux.

This diet includes large quantities of fruits,

Neurodegenerative diseases will be treated with bright light
Medical news



Phototherapy can help in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, according to researchers from University of Technology Chalmers (Sweden) and Wroclaw University of technology (Poland).

Stop snoring can deliver nizkosoleva diet
Medical news



Adhering to a diet with low salt content, it is possible to stop snoring, consider Brazilian researchers.

In a study conducted by physicians blades de Porto Alegre,

Components of cow's milk are able to fight with stomach cancer
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Cow's milk has identified components that can fight cancer of the stomach, said Chinese researchers from Ilanskogo University in Taiwan.

Scientists have studied the effects of three peptide fragments isolated from milk protein lactoferricin it Turned out that one of the fragments of the protein - lactoferricin B25 can reduce the cell survival of gastric adenocarcinoma person depending on dosage and time of exposure of the cells.

Exercise for pregnant women has a positive effect on the brain development of the fetus
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Physical activity during pregnancy helps to strengthen the health of both mother and child. In addition, trainings give the brain the opportunity of children to develop faster, say canadian researchers from the University of Montreal.

The occurrence of rheumatoid arthritis is associated with intestinal microflora
Medical news



The development of rheumatoid arthritis and intestinal flora - associated, according to U.S. researchers from new York University.

The researchers analyzed 114 samples of faeces of patients with rheumatoid arthritis and healthy individuals.

Change the daily schedule negatively affects the immune system
Medical news



Change in daily mode (work in night shift, frequent flights) is injurious to health, negatively affecting the immune system, according to researchers from southwestern medical center Texas University,

Found genes that affect facial features
Medical news



Geneticists have discovered a set of genes responsible for the uniqueness of each person. Scientists from the national laboratory Lawrence Berkeley (USA) believe that gene set defines the formation of certain features and provides a diversity of people and animals on each other.

Scientists explain why women have a harder sport
Medical news



Canadian researchers from McGill University have established why men are easier to achieve success on the sports field than the fair sex.

Scientists have conducted a series of experiments,

Acidic foods can increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes
Medical news



Foods with high acidity, increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, according to the staff of the Paris Centre for research in epidemiology and health, France.

In the study volunteered to 66.

The pill turned out to be a risk factor for glaucoma
Medical news



Long - more than three years - taking the oral contraceptive doubles the risk of glaucoma and, as a consequence, the loss of vision. The authors of the study presented November 19,

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