How to treat colds rhinitis
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Friday, 24 October 2014 06:08

The physiological basis of the common cold - increased production of mucus membranes of the nasal passages. The reasons for the above-mentioned "increased production" can be very different - infections (viral and bacterial), allergies (to anything), just high levels of dust in the air inhaled.

By the way, shmygane nose is not always a disease. For example, any active sobs and the associated increased production of tears inevitably leads to the urgent need to use the handkerchief - "redundant" reset tears into the nasal cavity through the so-called tears-nasal canal.

The most frequent cause of the common cold are acute respiratory viral infections. Excess mucus, called "snot", in fact is one of the ways to combat the organism with the virus. The fact that a large quantity of slime contain special substances which neutralize viruses.

An entirely different matter is that these substances can operate successfully only if the mucus has a well defined consistency - when it is not thick. If the mucus dries up - for example, the room is warm and dry, or the patient's temperature is very high - the good of this mucus is no vice versa - or just dried up thick mucus is a protein-rich fluid, which is very convenient to breed bacteria. And this transition virus infection in viral-bacterial Easy to replace to change the color of snot - they become greenish or yellowish-green.

Thus, if the cause of the common cold - viruses, it must be concluded unequivocally: cures for the common cold, and there can not be. Snot virus infection are needed, because they are, as we have learned, neutralize viruses. The task - to maintain optimum viscosity of mucus - a lot to drink, breathe clean cool and dry air (to clean floors, ventilate, use moisturizers). To prevent drying of the mucus can be used and drugs - pinosol, ekteritsid, normal saline (approximately 1 teaspoon of salt in 1 liter of boiled water). The latter two drugs - do not feel sorry - for polpipetki in each nostril every hour.

The main conclusion two:

The first is that the treatment of the common cold is not as easy as it might seem at first glance, because the subject suffering from a bottle of naftizina trembling hand is remarkably similar to an ostrich, zasunuvshego head in the sand and do not understand the dialectical relationship of cause and effect.

The second conclusion is no less important - the best "cure" for the common cold is a doctor who, unlike the ostrich, understands and recognizes the dialectical relationship of cause (a specific disease - allergic, infectious) and effect (just the symptom - the common cold).">Mark Giordano Jersey