Women die from stroke more often
Medical news



Despite the fact that men are more likely to experience strokes, women die from them more often.

According to canadian researchers from the Association for the study of stroke and heart attack,

stroke takes 45 percent more women than men.

In 1973 the number of women who died from stroke exceeded the number of men by 10%. The number of Canadians who died from stroke was 7,700, while the Canada - 8,500.

30 years later, in 2004, the rate of death from stroke among women increased to 8,700 cases, and the number of men who died from stroke dropped to 6,000.

According to the Association of this phenomenon is due to the fact that women live longer, and the risk of death from stroke increases with age.

Despite the fact that factors such as hypertension, high cholesterol can be controlled, women have additional risk factors. So, young women aged up to 44 years of suffering from migraines, two times more likely to experience strokes and death in older age.

Smokers with hypertension, migraines and circulatory disorder while taking birth control pills, are at risk for stroke even more.

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