Men become more aggressive in the period of ovulation their partners
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Men, wives or female partners of which are at the stage of ovulation, are more prone to displays of jealousy and aggression against potential rivals. These are the conclusions of scientists from the University of Liverpool,

research report which was published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior.


As shown by researchers to experiment, men were significantly sharper react to the dominant appearance potential competitors just at the moment when their followers are most suitable for conception phase of the menstrual cycle.

In experiment took part 64 volunteer, married, or supporting long-term relationship with one woman. The experiment participants were asked to rate the severity of the dominant features in the photographs of unfamiliar men on a scale from one to seven points.

Dominant appearance was arranged by the organizers of the experiment as “the appearance of a man who is able to succeed”.

According to scientists, the participants, the partner of which was at the time of the experiment at the stage of ovulation, exhibited images of strangers highest ratings dominance.

According to coordinator of the research project Dr. Rob Barrista (Rob Burriss) identified during the study of the behaviour of individuals of the male sex is a protective mechanism to prevent the betrayal of a partner in the moment when the transfer of its offspring genes competing males is the most likely.

According to Barriss similar behavioral patterns were observed by biologists in the communities of apes. For example, male chimpanzees can be a long time happily exist in a small area, but between them begins irreconcilable enmity after the appearance of the female is able to conceive.

The results obtained by the team Barriss, combined with advanced previously by another group of researchers with the assumption that during ovulation, women show a greater propensity to change of the sexual partner, and searching for new relationships give preference to individuals with emphatically masculine traits, speaking about the increased level of testosterone.">Steve Largent Jersey