A new vaccine against melanoma tested



Scientists from Harvard University began the first phase of clinical trials of implantable vaccine against melanoma, according to rdmag.

Experts explained that the most therapeutic vaccines require removing immune cells from the body,

reprogram them, and then reverse the introduction. In turn, the new vaccine is produced in the form of a polymeric sponge the size of a finger nail.

This device is implanted under the skin. Scientists said that the essence of the implant to attract immune cells to the site of implantation and to reprogram them there. Immune cells receive instructions to settle on cancer cells and kill them. Initially the method was developed specifically for treatment of melanoma. But, according to experts, there is every reason for the application of vaccines against other types of cancer.

The experiment showed that 50% of mice that received two doses of the vaccine, showed signs of regression in tumors. In other circumstances, they would have died within 25 days. The purpose of the first phase of testing, which should be completed in 2015, is to assess the safety of this vaccine.


Експеримент показав, що 50% мишей, які отримали дві дози вакцини, демонстрували ознаки регресії в пухлинах. За інших обставин вони б померли за 25 днів. Мета першої фази випробувань, яка повинна завершитися в 2015 році, - оцінка безпеки даної вакцини.

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