Sometimes some men begin to grow specific tissue of the breast. This may be due to several reasons, and the increase can be either benign or malignant.

Usually breast cancer in men occurs very aggressively and at an early stage can masquerade asgynecomastia (benign breast enlargement in men with hypertrophy of glands and fatty tissue). Therefore, I advise all men to prevent progression onkoneduga at the first sign of breast enlargement immediately seek the advice of the surgeon or oncologist.

 In the people to remove cancers of the breast men successfully used pig bile and concentrated tinctureof hemlock.

For this fresh bile of healthy pigs (you can take a meat factory) poured from the gall bladder, mixed evenly by volume of vodka, insist 3-4 days in a cool place, and then take 3 times a day 20 minutes before meals. The first week drink 1 tsp mixture of bile and vodka, the second - 1 des.l., and third and fourth - 1 tablespoon each timedrinking hot tea medicine, sweetened with honey (no more than 1 teaspoon of honey in a glass of tea!). Afterdoing this for 10 days break and then repeat the cure. Conduct intermittently 3-4 of the course. Such treatmenton the fourth day with cancer and appetite improved considerably increased immunity. This way, even curedadvanced tumors. Do not be afraid of deterioration, when the tumor begins to disintegrate. After 2-3 days the pain caused by this process takes place and recovery occurs. A course of treatment requires 0.9 liters of a mixture of bile and vodka.

Tincture of hemlock in the treatment of breast cancer in men should be taken 4 times a day. Admission startwith 15 drops at a time, every day increasing the dose to 1 drop. So on day 26 already take 40 drops of tinctureof hemlock. If this dose will not bother pain in the heart, liver, kidney and pancreas, no nausea and dizziness,starting 27 days continue to take tincture 40 drops another 13 days, and then start to increase the daily dose to 1 drop, until they reach up to 50 drops per once. Thereafter, every day beginning to reduce the dose of 1 dropuntil until they reach the single dose of 10 drops. Thus the entire treatment course will take 90 days. After a five-day break, the treatment can be repeated if necessary. Take a tincture of hemlock at 6.00 empty stomach one hour before breakfast, and then at 11.00, 16.00 and 21.00, at least 2 hours after a meal. A dose of 1 to 13drops of taking 100 mL of water, 13 to 26 drops - 150 ml, 26 to 40 drops - 200 ml of water and 40 to 50 drops -250 ml of water.

In addition to receiving the tincture of hemlock inside, you need every day to do it compresses.Hlopchtobumazhnuyu or linen cloth soaked in warm infusion, is applied to the tumor, cover with plastic wrap,woolen shawl or a scarf and fix the bandage. After 2-3 hours remove and compress the chest smeared with Vaseline. The procedure was carried out 3 times a day.

To prepare the tincture of hemlock fresh crushed flowers of the plant is filled up to the top glass jar, fill them with vodka, hermetically sealed and allowed to stand for 18 days in a cool dark place.

When cancer treatment is impossible to use the sugar and all the products thereof, including candies, cookies, jam and chocolate. In no case do not smoke or drink alcohol.

Treatment for men and women celandine juice, tincture of hemlock, porcine bile and copper sulfate is contraindicated in epilepsy and pregnancy.