Blood - it is an integral part of the body, the primary fluid, without which our life is impossible. The defeat of the blood disease affects all organs. This often leads to hematological malignancies - a whole group of neoplastic diseases of the hematopoietic tissue. When cancer cells invade the bone marrow(the place where form and mature blood cells) - a leukemia (leukemia, leukemia). All leukemias are divided into acute and chronic. Acute causes uncontrolled growth of young (immature) blood cells andchronic leukemia blood, lymph nodes, spleen and liver dramatically increases the number of the more mature cells. Acute leukemia occurs much heavier than chronic, and requires immediate treatment.

The disease is accompanied by high fever, weakness, dizziness, pain in the limbs, development of severebleeding may occur ulcerative stomatitis, necrotic angina, and increases the lymph nodes, liver and spleen.Chronic leukemia is characterized by fatigue, weakness, poor appetite, weight loss, enlargement of the spleenand liver. To acute leukemia can cause ionizing radiation, long effects on the body of harmful substances(benzene, petroleum distillates, hair dyes, cytostatics, and some other drugs), immune deficiency, and heredity.Also proved that significantly increases the risk of cancers of the blood using chlorinated water. Official medicine used for the treatment of acute leukemia several anticancer drugs and large doses of glucocorticoid hormones. Often do a bone marrow transplant.

Sometimes used radiotherapy or administration of radioactive substances such as radioactive phosphorus.From prevention to prescribe antibiotics, antivirals. In chronic leukemia, usually used chemotherapy and totalbody irradiation. I recommend for the treatment of cancer of the blood and use medicinal plants. Very important is the treatment and recovery phase, which is performed in parallel with chemotherapy. It aims to combatexhaustion. Help restore power to 25% of barberry root tincture 400 alcohol. Take it 1 des.l. 3 times a day forhalf an hour before meals. You can with loss of strength pour 1 liter of light beer 50 g of crushed flowers and herbs Marrubium vulgare, leave for 3-4 days in a cool place, then strain and drink 1/4 cup 3 times a day before meals for 2 weeks. Store the tincture in the refrigerator. To improve the immunity necessary to grind and mix inequal parts by weight of basil and yarrow tops, pour 100 g of a 1 liter of wine "Cahors", insist 2 weeks in a darkplace, shaking occasionally, then strain and drink 1/3 cup 3 times day after meals. To restore the white blood cell count should be 1 tablespoon chopped grass clover, pour a glass of cold boiled water, 4 hours strain and drink 1/3 cup 2 times a day between meals for a week. The level of red blood cells normalizes nettle. Its driedand powdered leaves frayed mixed in equal parts by volume of honey and take 1 tsp 4 times a day with 2 tablespoons of water. The same recipe is used for anemia (anemia). To clean up after chemotherapy body of toxins, it is necessary for a month take a decoction of flax seeds. It should be 2/3 cup chopped raw pour inenamelware 2 liters of boiling water, leave for 2 hours on a boiling water bath, cool to 400C and take daily fromnoon until evening at least 1 liter for 2 weeks. Inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, which arose during chemotherapy, eliminate celandine. We must put a half a cup of grass with a small weight in a gauze bag, put iton the bottom three-liter jar and fill it with water up to the top. Add 1 tsp sour cream, stir, tie neck jars with cheesecloth, folded into 3 layers, and leave at room temperature for 2-3 weeks. Take tincture of 1 tablespoon 1cup 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. Wash down with tea from the corresponding medicinal plants.Immediately after the treatment and recovery phase should be within a month to carry out the transition. In the evening, pour in enamelware 300 ml water 1 tablespoon chopped herbs oregano, bring to a boil, immediatelyremove the pan from the heat, wrap up warm and leave overnight. In the morning, strain and drink daily on an empty stomach with 100 ml. Parallel to take a decoction of oats. Fill in the evening three-liter pot of up to 1 / 4-1 / 2 volumes of untreated washed oat husks, fill the tank up to the top with water and leave overnight.

In the morning, bring the contents to the boil and boil for half an hour on medium heat. Drain the broth, add the2 tablespoons calendula flowers and leave until the next morning. In the morning, strain and drink warm for 1 liter a day for three weeks. To strengthen the blood vessels, chop and mix 5 tablespoons young sprigs of fir,pine or spruce, 3 tbsp rosehips, 2 tbsp onion peel, pour the mixture 0.7 liters of water, bring to a boil and boil for 10 minutes on low heat. Pour the broth into a thermos and leave overnight. In the morning, strain and drink1 liter of water per day instead of a month. After finishing a transitional stage, go to the main. The first basicstep of treatment is carried out within 6 months. The main plants used in this step - aconite. Other plants -base, they are used in the second stage treatment. These plants are knyazhik Siberian, wintergreen,meadowsweet, Agrimony, Potentilla, kirkazon and hops. The action of the third group of plants on directtreatment of leukemia. It consists of herbaceous elder, cranberries, blueberries, bitter nightshade, calendula,sandy immortelle and horsetail. In the second stage of treatment, the following 6 months, taking hemlockbelonging to the first group of plants. Second group - the same plant as the first step. The third group of plants used in this stage blood cancer - is bitter nightshade, walnut, wheat, horse chestnut, Elecampane and tansy. Toprepare a tincture of aconite, 3 tbsp dried with flowers and upper leaves tops of the plant pour 0.5 liters of vodka and insist 3 weeks in a dark place.

Taking tincture drops 3 times a day, starting with the one at the reception. Daily adding dropwise, reach 40 at a time, and then just gradually returning to dose 1 drop. 20 drops of tincture is diluted with 100 ml of boilingwater, or melted, from 20 to 30 - 150 ml and 30 drops of 40 - 200 ml. And six months. Individual adjustmentsare possible. For example, if pain occurs in the stomach for 2-3 days should a break in the reception tinctures,and then reducing the dose of 5 drops continue to accept it. Avoid getting tincture of aconite on open woundsand mucous membranes, especially the eyes. Tincture of hemlock take just as aconite. To prepare it, a half-liter jar 1/3 loosely filled with fresh flowers of the plant tops, pour vodka and insist brim of at least 3 weeks.