One of the most common diseases is not the first decade is a cancer of the stomach. Each year this trouble for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are fatal. Long time Stomach cancer is themain place among other cancers. Now in terms of developing other forms of cancer, he moved into second place, but the problem remains. Most prone to the development of gastric cancer age group:45-59 years. Over the last 20 years in our country came only second book on the problem of stomach cancer 

Signs, as for any cancer, are not immediate. For a long time, gastric cancer can develop in the latent phase.Customary to distinguish between three stages of the disease, depending on the tumor size: 1 - no tumor diameter larger than 2 cm, while there are no visible metastases in lymph nodes; 2 - 5 cm in diameter may be observed regional metastases, disease podslizity and penetrates into the muscle layer; 3 - tumor size more than 5 cm in diameter, metastases invade other organs, bone, the disease attacks the neighboring organs.

The cause of the disease (as well as many cancers) difficult to define. But ongoing studies show that a great influence on the development of tumors has nutritional factor. For example in the national cuisine of Japan (one of the countries with the highest incidence of gastric cancer) is present a lot of dishes with a high content of pickles, starch, soy and low in fresh fruits and vegetables. This composition of the diet predisposes to the development of many gastric diseases. According to observations of tumor develops most often in people with blood group A, vitamin C deficiency, and often eat foods high in preservatives. Scientists say that smokers get cancer of the stomach twice as often, frequent alcohol abuse and environmental factors may also be a majorcause of the disease.

Neradostnye statistics stomach cancer insists that prevention will be useful to everyone. It is very difficult to avoid passive smoking, most of us doctors recommended nutritional standards are not respected. Doctors also say that not only diet but also his regular meals affect the incidence of the various, including cancer, diseases.Therefore, those who skip lunch or dinner, or breakfast, do irreparable harm to the body.

For the prevention of oncologists recommend that a correct mode of the day, alternate work with rest, avoidovervoltage, including stress. For the health of your body needs daily outdoor exercise, and moderate exercise.Set the power and try to follow it religiously. Follow simple rules for food: food should be chewed well, do not rush, do not overeat, do not put too much salt and spices. Do not forget to brush your teeth before and rinse your mouth after eating.