According to Finnish researchers from the University of Helsinki, there is a correlation between early speech development in children and their attraction to alcohol. According to them,

alcoholism is caused by the thrust of a person to new experiences.

The study was based on the study of twins and twins in Finland, a country where, according to who, the most widespread alcoholism. In the study, researchers interviewed parents, studying the mental and physical development of children. For the study we selected only those children who were markedly different from each other at the rate of intellectual development in childhood and adolescence. Specialists have found that Finns are the twins, who learned to speak and read earlier than their peers, more often suffered from alcoholism.

According to experts, more advanced children are more likely to be involved in experimentation with alcohol, peculiar to youth. In addition, the survey shows that people who early learned to read, have a great craving for new experiences and adventures.

However, the researchers urge parents not to worry. The same study showed that the more intellectually developed people often are able to get rid of bad habits in adulthood.