If this is indeed bronchitis, then maybe you too much baby wraps. This is a mistake many mothers, to know yourself. To dress the baby as well as dress himself, otherwise the baby is sweating heavily.

Usually after a swim mom puts her child in pajamas, and if the winter, the warm blanket and wraps. This is wrong. Child and so warmed swimming, it is very hot in this bed. He sweats heavily and, of course, is disclosed. A Cutting and turning on his side, he immediately gets cold. Sweaty pajamas begins to cool, it becomes cold. Wet pajamas touching the back of the child, leading to cold. Because of this, just a day a child starts to cough.

Do not have much wear and baby for a walk. For adults, it seems that it's cold outside, but we did not move aschildren. We sit or stand, and the child runs. And it turns out that he is sweating, then cools and cold. So dressbaby easily and constantly checks whether it is wet clothing.
If the baby is sweating, you need it immediately change clothes or put a T-shirt under his dry handkerchief.

The apartment the child should go barefoot or in socks. It will be a kind of cold hardening.

Bouts of bronchitis may cause allergy, available in your apartment. They may be household dust, lint blankets, clothes, carpets, down, feathers, pet dander, food for fish and more.

May cause coughing and food allergens. So the first thing I advise to visit an allergist, who will make the sample, identify the allergen and prescribe appropriate treatment. Everyday things shake out the dust, producing wet cleaning, do not wear knitted woolen stuff. And will have to part with pets, if available in your home. Also excluded from the child's diet fruit of red and orange.