prevention and treatment of cancer
Callisia fragrans help stop the progression of cancers

Balm recipe that offer, allows you to stop the progression of cancer. It is prepared from extracts of the golden whiskers and natural linseed oil. It should be 10-15 pieces of Callisia fragrans pour in a glass 1 liter of rubbing alcohol and insist 14 days.

Prevention of gastric cancer

One of the most common diseases is not the first decade is a cancer of the stomach. Each year this trouble for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are fatal. Long time Stomach cancer is the main place among other cancers. Now in terms of developing other forms of cancer, he moved into second place, but the problem remains. Most prone to the development of gastric cancer age group: 45-59 years. Over the last 20 years in our country came only second book on the problem of stomach cancer

To win in the initial stage of melanoma (skin cancer)

So, if you are first in the morning and then at night start worrying cough, in which a large amount of mucous sputum, there is pain in the chest, worse when coughing, shortness of breath began to appear, there is a slight fever and hemoptysis - it may be a sign of lung cancer .