Callisia fragrans help stop the progression of cancers

Balm recipe that offer, allows you to stop the progression of cancer. It is prepared from extracts of the golden whiskers and natural linseed oil. It should be 10-15 pieces of Callisia fragrans pour in a glass 1 liter of rubbing alcohol and insist 14 days.


When the hood is ready, it is poured into 30 ml glass vials, 40 ml of linseed oil, tightly stoppered and thoroughly shaken contents of the vial for 7 minutes. When finished, it immediately drink in one gulp. Can not linger, as the mixture can again be divided into the hood and oil. Cooking balm so and take 3 times a day for 20-30 minutes before a meal, in any case, no seizing and not drinking. Drink only allowed half an hour after eating. Prior to receiving the balm 2:00 nothing to eat. It is advisable to take it at regular intervals. Eat 10 days, then do a five-day break (after the first tenday 10 days rest) and reiterates welcome balm. And such courses intermittently carried out continuously, in any case without interrupting. Be sure to follow the exact dosage of components, measuring out their not by eye or with a spoon, and accurate measure. In no case can not smoke and drink alcohol, including beer. Trust this balm, and you will not regret.