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Studied till the end: 8 little known facts about the penis
Medical news

Use or lose

To keep your penis in shape, regular erection. For a healthy tone of the smooth muscle of the penis must be periodically enriched with oxygen through the blood flow,

Placement by parents of baby photos in social networks can further injure
Medical news

Many people put up their photos on the social network. No exceptions are photos of young parents who show their children, wanting to share with all the joy. However, scientists from the University of Michigan found that children,

Maternal age affects the risk of developing diabetes in boys
Medical news

Belgian researchers at Ghent University have found that the age of the mother affects not only the child's weight at birth, but also on glucose metabolism in adulthood. However, such changes are only applied to boys,

Vitamin B9 reduces the risk of stroke
Medical news

Researchers from the Hospital Lenox hill neighborhood in new York found that folic acid (vitamin B9) can reduce the risk of stroke, says Meddaily.

The study involved more than 20 thousand patients.

Why cold can be dangerous
Medical news

Rhinitis occurs for different reasons - dust, fumes in the air, Allergy. But most often, of course, is hypothermia and drafts. And runny nose may occur as an independent disease,

Receiving the hormone melatonin helps to overcome sleep disorders
Medical news

Chinese researchers from Peking University have discovered that taking the hormone melatonin is able to provide a better quality of sleep than the use of earplugs and eye masks, writes timesofindia.

The reduced temperature of the body contributes to the development of obesity
Medical news

Normal internal human body temperature is 37°C. It does not depend on the ambient temperature or the level of physical activity. According to researchers from the University of Bologna,

Low-calorie diet prolongs youth and health
Medical news

Scientists know that low-calorie but a balanced diet can slow the aging process and extend lifespan in animals. In the new study, experts from Portugal figured out exactly how this diet works.

Green tea helps to make more contrast MRI
Medical news

German scientists from the University of Cologne, make use of green tea to get more contrast the results of magnetic resonance imaging, writes timesofindia.

Researchers have successfully used the compound from green tea,

The first successful transplant of the penis
Medical news

World's first successfully performed the transplant surgery of the penis. It was conducted in a South African surgeons for 9 hours, writes Meddaily.

Preparation and research work was carried out in 2010.

Developed more efficient and faster method of treatment of tuberculosis
Medical news

A new method of treatment of tuberculosis (PaMZ) successfully passed the third and penultimate stage of the test. He is allowed to kill more bacteria and did it faster than the standard therapy,

Laughter helps to have an emotional bond with someone
Medical news


Laughter helps to relax and open up to the interlocutor. The story allows you to form close social relationship, say British researchers from the College of London.

The study involved 112 students from Oxford University.

Alcolock will help greatly reduce the risk of a fatal accident
Medical news


Alcolock device that determines the concentration of ethanol vapor in the exhaled breath of the driver air and blocking the starting of the engine of the vehicle when alcohol level exceeds the allowable minimum.

"Smart zone" will help to constantly monitor the status of the unborn child
Medical news

An Israeli company has created a "smart zone", which can track pregnant women fetal development around the clock. Namely, it will track sleep, heart rate and fetal movement in real time,

The head of the UN: the Ebola Virus in West Africa will be liquidated by August
Medical news

The head of the UN mission said that the outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa must be fully liquidated by August, reports the BBC.

Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed admitted that in the fight against the epidemic were repeatedly made mistakes in the early stages of its distribution.

Milk protects the brain from neurodegenerative diseases
Medical news

It turned out there was a link between the consumption of milk and the level of the natural antioxidant glutathione in the brains of older people, reported researchers from the University of Kansas.

Vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of depression in young women
Medical news

Researchers from Oregon state University have found a link between low vitamin D and depression in healthy young women.

According to scientists, young women with lower levels of vitamin D are more likely to have clinically significant symptoms of depression.

Grapes protects against the development of osteoporosis
Medical news

It is known that the grape has a number of useful properties. In addition, not only grapes, but wine is good for the body if you consume it in moderation. In the new study by Danish researchers found a positive influence of grapes on bone density,

Scientists have created a method of changing the eye color laser
Medical news

Changing the eye color on their own. Scientists more than 20 years has developed a method with which you can change, for example, brown eyes to blue. Now the method is tested on humans,

In Ukraine from April all patients and medical institutions will contribute in an electronic database
Medical news

The Minister of health A. Kvitashvili said that in April the Ukrainians will see the results of the reforms in the medical field, according to

According to A.

Scientists have made from cancer cells immune cells
Medical news

American scientists from Stanford University have managed to transform cells of blood cancer in the cells of the immune system - macrophages, reports

The researchers believe that their discovery will help in the development of new methods of treatment of oncological diseases.

A new blood test will show for a couple of hours the nature of the infection
Medical news

New blood test may help physicians identify within two hours, viral or bacterial in nature has an infection, reports the BBC.

This approach will help to avoid unnecessary use of antibiotics.

Baking soda is able to influence visual acuity
Medical news

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) can change the visual signals generated by the rods and cones - the photoreceptors that respond to light. In the rods and cones small molecule, cGMP,

Beauticians have found a wonderful face mask in breast milk
Medical news

American beauticians claim that the face mask from breast milk is doing wonders for the skin, writes Meddaily.

It is known that breast milk strengthens the immune system,

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