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In Ukraine will not raise the retirement age
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Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Vyacheslav Kirilenko at the meeting of the conciliatory Council of the leaders of factions and chairmen of the committees of the Parliament said that there will be no cancellation of scholarships and raising the retirement age,

Air pollution increases the risk of autism
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Scientists have established a link between the occurrence of autism and exposure to air pollution during pregnancy.

Experts from Harvard school of public health conducted a study,

Repair in pediatric dangerous to the health of the baby
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Quite often in anticipation of the child's birth parents to repair and decorate the nursery. Specialists from the centre of the Helmholtz Zentrum for environmental research argue that new carpet or laminate can impede breathing in infants,

Regular consumption of fruit protects against depression
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According to Australian researchers from the University of Queensland, the use of only two fruits a day will help to avoid depression.

Scientists invited to participate in the study 6 million women living in Australia.

People in almost all actions are guided by the opinions of others and not his own instincts
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Reluctance to stand out from the crowd causes us to make bad decisions. Relying on the opinions of others, people ignore their instincts. This behavior is the price of evolution,

Buying a parrot resulted in infection psittacosis seven people, one of whom died
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According to the news Agency Interfax, Moscow contracted psittacosis 7 people, and one of them died. Infection occurred after buying a family parrot.

The press service of the Moscow Rospotrebnadzor reported that in November 2014 in the Trinity and Novomoskovsk administrative district in Moscow bought a parrot from a private individual that resulted in the family hearth psittacosis and identification of the disease in seven family members,

Progesterone has been found to be ineffective for recovery of brain function after injury
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If, after receiving a traumatic brain injury to introduce the hormone progesterone, it is possible to minimize the negative consequences of trauma to the brain. However, these results were relevant only to animals,

Ibuprofen should not be used to relieve pain in the throat
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According to British experts, if troubled by a sore throat, to ensure it is better not to use ibuprofen. It turned out that this drug suppresses the natural immune defense.

Scientists noted that a small percentage of cases,

Air pollution is just as dangerous to health as Smoking
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New schools, nursing homes and hospitals should be built away from the main road because of the danger of air pollution, according to the environmental audit Committee in the UK.

Appeared candy, performing tasks deodorant
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Deodorants exist today in the form of various sticks, sprays and roll-on versions. However, one Bulgarian company managed to create candies to eliminate unpleasant body smells. The small business owner izgotovlyayuschego candy,

Boys more often than girls spread gossip
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It is believed that relational aggression is an indirect form of aggression that is expressed in insults and spreading false information about a person is more characteristic of girls.

The lights on during sleep makes breast cancer resistant to treatment
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Included in the night time sleep lamp "wakes up" the breast cancer cells, making this form of cancer is resistant to treatment, reported researchers from Tulane University in the USA.

Moisturizer protects the skin of infants from atopic dermatitis
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If you apply moisturizer when taking care of babies, you can reduce the risk of development of atopic dermatitis and other skin diseases allergic nature, said experts at the International scientific conference of the world Allergy organization,

Breathing exercises will help to get rid of extra pounds
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According to scientists from the University of New South Wales, the lungs are the most important regulatory body weight fluctuations. This means that breathing exercises can be an effective method of weight control,

Men appreciate their sex life better than women
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A large-scale study conducted in 29 countries showed that in men of middle age and old age in General more satisfied with their sex life than their peers of the opposite sex.

According to the survey,

Chilli increases the level of testosterone in men
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The use of hot spices, such as chili peppers, increases male hormone testosterone, which is responsible of them for determination, resourcefulness and sexual activity, reported researchers from Grenoble University,

To cook at home turned out to be harmful
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It is considered that it is healthier to cook at home, refusing to finished products. However, researchers from rush University (USA) have found that quite often people are so addicted that is added to foods many different sauces and ingredients that can undermine health.

High salt intake can lead to headaches
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Frequent consumption of products high in salt increases the risk of headaches by 30%, according to the employees Welsh centre for preventive, clinical, and epidemiological research.

Propolis can be used in the fight against hair loss
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Japanese researchers found that propolis, which is traditionally used for various healing of the skin, promotes hair growth and can be used in the fight against hair loss, writes the Daily News.

Electronic cigarettes can help quit Smoking
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Electronic cigarettes can help quit Smoking, say international experts.

These findings assistants made on the basis of the analysis of the results of two studies in which took part 662 of the smoker.

Kiwi has a positive effect on the health of blood vessels and the heart
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According to scientists, the high content of antioxidants in kiwi allows to positively affect the health of the cardiovascular system, if you add this fruit in your daily diet.

The researchers conducted an experiment in which volunteered 30 women and 13 men of different ages with dyslipidemia (violation of the ratio of different types of lipids in the blood).

Skvortsova: Extremely low risk of penetration of the Ebola virus in Russia
Medical news



According to the Minister of health of the Russian Federation Veronika Skvortsova, the possibility of penetration of the Ebola virus in Russia is still very low, according to RIA Novosti.

Marijuana Smoking accelerates the aging of the lungs for decades
Medical news



Smoking marijuana in large amounts can accelerate the aging of the lungs 30-year-old man for 50 years, say British researchers from North Wales.

Scientists studied the lungs of people who regularly Smoking marijuana.

Component of vitamin B3 protects against hearing loss
Medical news



Component, which is a precursor of vitamin B3, may help prevent hearing loss that occurs due to exposure to noise, according to researchers from the Medical school of Cornell.

In the study,

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