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Found the part of the brain responsible for the development of neuroses and phobias
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Scientists from the University of Michigan were able to localize the area of the cortex of the brain responsible for emotional reactions to mistakes and miscalculations, threatening serious consequences,

American surgeon accused of smuggling silicone implants
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Famous plastic surgeon from Beverly hills, is accused of smuggling in the United States of silicone implants, which were then installed at least three women.

In February this year by the decision of the Grand jury jurors 62-year-old Frederick Corbin was found guilty of that illegally purchased several silicone implants in Mexico,

High cholesterol increases the risk of prostate cancer
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Men who have high cholesterol levels in the blood, often fall ill with prostate cancer, reports the journal Annals of Oncology.

To such conclusion scientists from Milan Institute of pharmacological research Mario Negri (Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri).

Scientists have accused pharmaceutical companies in the invention of non-existent diseases
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Manufacturers of medicines to treat consumers from a fictitious disease, warn the authors of an article published in the journal the Public Library of Science Medcine.

Promotion of a non-existent disease and swelling of minor problems to the level of chronic diseases requiring intensive medical treatment jeopardizes the health of the citizens,

High pressure during exercise is a warning signal
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People who suffer from high blood pressure during exercise, more prone to develop hypertension later in life. This is because the artery such people are less inclined to deal with the load that they have.

Algire gave birth to eight children at once
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27-year-old resident of the Algerian province of Boumerdes gave birth just eight twins.

Children born 18 April in the cesarean section at the hospital of the Algerian capital.

Smoked impair lung
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A study conducted by Columbia University showed that fans of ham or smoked meat more often suffer from obstructive lung disease.

When monitoring 7,352 Americans from 1988 to 1994,

In the United States was born, the first child conceived from frozen eggs and sperm
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Recently in California, was born the first child, who was conceived by artificial means using frozen sperm and egg.

Adrienne Domain - 36 year old mother,

Do not drink a lot of milk can be ill with Parkinson's disease
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According to research conducted by the scientists of the USA, the consumption of large quantities of dairy products men, can lead to increased risk of Parkinson's disease from them.

Sugar acts on the brain like a drug substance was proved by scientists from the U.S.
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Making milk shakes so delicious? Sweet or smooth, creamy texture? Perhaps a mixture of fat and sugar? New research shows that in fact these treats people primarily attracted to sugar.

Fungal eye disease could spread through the liquid to clean the lens
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Bausch & Lomb announced its decision to voluntarily withdraw from sale in the US liquid for cleaning contact lenses and Renu MoistureLoc.

On Monday, the control Agency for food and drug administration (FDA) and the Center for control and prevention announced that the recent outbreak of rare fungal eye diseases may be associated with the use of the company's products Bauch & Lomb.

The Merck company sentenced to pay $ 9 million penalty payment
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on April 11, the court of the state of new Jersey, was sentenced pharmaceutical company Merck & Co to pay an additional penalty payment in the amount of $ 9 million 77-year-old John Mcdarby,

A single dose of the drug can seriously damage the structure of the brain
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Even a single dose of a drug like morphine able for a long time to damage the own system of the brain responsible for emotional "reward" of a person.

As stated in the report of American researchers,

The body as art. Tattooing and piercing at the height of fashion
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For the upcoming beach season all prepared in different ways. Someone removes the extra pounds, someone went to the Solarium. And the boldest in a tattoo parlor to radically transform your body.

Television advertising increases the consumption of harmful products to children twice
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According to British researchers, the children eat a lot more after seeing a television advertisement. Food consumption increases by 134%.

A study involving 60 children aged 9 to 11 years showed that children who are not obese,

The loss of a spouse hurts the heart more than Smoking and excess weight
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The University of Glasgow conducted a study, which was started back in the 70-ies. The researchers watched couples aged 45 to 64 years, which by 2004 had lived together for at least 30 years and lifetime partner after the loss of her husband.

Working from Nicaragua sued the company for pesticide production
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Nicaraguan workers have sued the American company for the production of pesticides due to the fact that workers who worked with these substances became infertile.

One of the companies,

Electrical stimulation of the stomach will help to lose weight
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Electrical stimulation of the stomach can slow emptying and reduce the amount of consumed food and water. The new technique could be a real alternative to existing methods of treatment of obesity,

Male reproductive system is overloaded pollution
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So Nature intended that men were born is certainly more. This is aimed at the survival of the family, because boys are less viable and sustainable. However, in modern society, the gap is becoming smaller and smaller.

Decided to start the day with orange juice? Better start with coffee
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According to one of the last issues of the journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry,coffee contains more soluble fiber than an equivalent amount of orange juice.

Many people start their day with a glass of orange juice,

Found a scientific explanation of the phenomena of near-death experience"
Medical news

Widely known phenomenon of so-called "near-death experiences can be explained from the point of view of science, not mysticism, say the authors of a study published by the journal Neurology.

Indian herbal medicines could be an alternative treatment for cancer
Medical news



Indian herbal medicine may soon be an alternative therapy for pancreatic cancer, according to researchers at the University of Pittsburgh.

As shown by preliminary laboratory tests,

Antioxidants do not protect against prostate cancer
Medical news



Nutritional supplements containing such has antioxidant properties substances such as vitamins E, C and beta-carotene, have no effect on the incidence of non-Smoking men with prostate cancer.

The baby died during the x-ray, an investigation is under way
Medical news



The parents of a baby who died during examination in the Regional clinical center of specialized medical care in Vladivostok, appealed to the Prosecutor of Primorsky Krai.

According to parents,

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