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"Electronic candy" can cause any taste
Medical news

Scientists from the National University of Singapore has developed a digital Lollipop that will allow you to feel the taste of any culinary dishes. This device is able to cause a person of any taste.

Physical exercises have different effects on sperm quality
Medical news



According to American researchers from Harvard University, different types of exercise have different effects on male fertility.

The study involved 137 men engaged in various sports.

Rosstat reported on increasing salaries of physicians
Medical news



The average salary of the Russian state employees, according to Rosstat, in the current year increased by about 10 percent. According to statisticians, and in the public sectors best earn highly qualified health workers.

Today's children are less hardy than the previous generation
Medical news



The children of the present generation is not able to run as fast as it did their parents, as in childhood, say Australian researchers from the University of South Australia.

The researchers analyzed data on 25 million children from 28 countries over a 50-year period.

The recovery period after the shock lasts longer than previously thought
Medical news



The effects of a concussion can be detected for several months after injury. This means that the damage to continue, despite the fact that the patient feels well informed staff of the University of new Mexico in Albuquerque,

February 15 - international day of children with cancer
Medical news



The international Confederation of organizations of parents of children with cancer (ICCCPO) today for the fifth time organizes the international day of children with cancer.

International day of children with cancer,

The contraceptive pill can cause eye diseases
Medical news



Taking oral contraceptives for more than three years is associated with increased risk of developing glaucoma, according to researchers from the University of California at San Francisco,

A cure for Alzheimer's disease successfully tested
Medical news



The new drug against Alzheimer's has successfully passed the phase of pre-clinical trials proving its effectiveness in slowing the development of the disease.

A tool called ANAVEX 2-73 was developed by company Anavex Life Sciences Corp.

Chocolate protects against excessive kilograms
Medical news



Frequent consumption of chocolate is associated with low body mass index in adolescents, according to Spanish researchers from the University of Granada.

The researchers studied the diet and health 1458 volunteers aged from 12 to 17 years.

Legumes protect against intestinal infections
Medical news



Legumes helps in the prevention of intestinal infections, according to U.S. researchers from the University of Texas.

Scientists studied the effects on the intestinal microflora of phytoestrogens and beta estrogen receptors on the example of mice.

Immunotherapy during pregnancy will protect the unborn child from allergies
Medical news



Immunotherapy against allergies conducted during pregnancy, reduces the likelihood of bronchial asthma, food Allergy and eczema in the unborn child, according to researchers from the University of Tennessee,

Today is world day against diabetes
Medical news



Every year on November 14 is world day against diabetes. This date was chosen on the initiative of the International diabetes Federation and the world health organization.

The relevance of the date is confirmed by the statistics - diabetes is becoming increasingly common worldwide.

Fatty foods increase the risk of developing breast cancer
Medical news



Eating large amounts of fat during puberty increases the risk of developing aggressive forms of breast cancer in young women, according to researchers from Michigan state University,

Sugary drinks increase the risk of endometrial cancer
Medical news



If women who have experienced menopause, regularly and in large volumes drinking sugary drinks, it runs the risk of getting cancer of the endometrium (the lining of the uterus), according to U.

Caffeine improves blood flow to the extremities
Medical news



Caffeine can improve blood flow, according to cardiologists from the University of the Ryukyu, Japan.

For the first time managed to establish that a Cup of caffeinated coffee significantly enhances the blood flow in the fingers.

Scientists have developed a method to identify high-risk blood clots
Medical news



American scientists from the University of Washington in St. Louis have developed a method to track the movement of blood through the vessels. According to them, this will help to identify the point where the blood flow is slowed down and there is a high risk of blood clots.

Excessive weight affects the sense of taste
Medical news



People with extra pounds, otherwise feel the taste of the food compared to people with normal weight, according to researchers from the University of Buffalo, USA.

Scientists conducted an experiment on mice with excess weight.

Lack of work accelerates the aging process in men
Medical news



The remaining unemployed man is aging faster than working peers, according to researchers from king's College London (UK) and University of Oulu (Finland).

Researchers looked at more than 5.

Stress blocks the memory
Medical news



Experiment snails showed that high level of stress "erase" the memory of all previously obtained skills, said the researchers from the universities of Exeter (UK) and calgary (Canada).

In Hungary the baby was born three months after the death of the mother brain
Medical news



In Hungary recorded the third case in the world save the life of a 15-week fetus registered after brain death of the mother. As told at the meeting on November 13 press conference,

Scientists have identified features of aggressive tumors
Medical news



Australian researchers from the Institute of molecular biological Sciences in Queensland found an RNA molecule which is lacking in aggressive tumors. This will allow you to accurately differentiate between tumors and prescribe appropriate treatment,

Children of addicts are more resistant to drugs
Medical news



Sons of men who consumed cocaine have increased resistance to the drug, said the researchers from the Medical school of Perelman at the University of Pennsylvania, USA.

Experts have found that cocaine triggers epigenetic changes in sperm.

Cleaning the table while eating leads to overeating
Medical news



Cleaning table at meal times can become a bad helper of the people who are watching their weight. Researchers from Cornell University, Ithaca, USA found that people eat less when you can see,

"Test-tube babies" almost do not get sick cancer
Medical news

Children conceived with IVF, have a significant advantage in terms of health. According to researchers from the Institute of child health in London, these children are almost never faced with cancer.

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