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Targeted Radiation for Breast Cancer May Be Overused: Study
Medical news

The number of women with breast cancer who receive targeted radiation to the breast after a lumpectomy has jumped dramatically over the last decade.

However, only about a third of these women were considered "suitable" for the treatment, according to criteria used in a new study published in the Dec.

Early Food Choices Seem to Influence Taste for Salt Later
Medical news

The types of foods given to infants seems to affect their future taste for salt, a new study has found.

Researchers tested the salt preference of 61 infants when they were 2 months old and found they were either indifferent to or rejected salty fluids, and preferred water.

Most Weight Regained by Older Women Is Fat, Study Finds
Medical news

Some weight regain is common after weight loss, but in older women many of those regained pounds return as fat mass rather than muscle mass, according to a new study.

How this affects strength and health needs further study, but experts said the findings underscore the downside of so-called yo-yo dieting.

Poor People May Be Quicker to Be Kind
Medical news

Poor people are quicker than middle-class or rich individuals to recognize the suffering of others and to show compassion, according to a new study.

It included more than 300 young adults who were divided into groups that took part in three experiments designed to assess their levels of empathy and compassion.

Healthy lifestyle in adolescence reduces the risk of heart diseases in the future 60%
Medical news



People leading a healthy lifestyle in adolescence significantly reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease later in life, said the researchers from northwestern University,

Found a protein in the brain responsible for memory impairment
Medical news



In the new study, scientists have identified a protein in the brain, which limits the production of molecules required for the formation of memories, writes Meddaily.

We are talking about protein FXR1P.

Walnuts reduce the risk of prostate cancer
Medical news



The daily use of a handful of walnuts or oil from them protects against the development of prostate cancer. Experiments on animal models have shown the effectiveness of this diet,

Flashing the fat cells will help to overcome obesity
Medical news



Using advanced technology for genome sequencing, researchers have discovered the mechanism by which white fat cells can be reprogrammed into cells of brown fat. Experts noted that brown fat is responsible for heat generation and processing of energy reserves (white fat).

The feeling of my age affect life expectancy
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People who feel young, live longer. Probably this is how the will to live and the combination of factors of a healthy lifestyle, according to British researchers from University College London.

If the child does not sleep at night, parents should not worry
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Parents should not worry if the child does not sleep all night. Sleep children often changing, at least for the first three years of life, say U.S. researchers from the University of Pennsylvania.

Health Tip: Help Prevent Exercise Injury
Medical news

There's no surefire way to stay young, but plenty of regular exercise may be the closest way.

Nonetheless, you can over-exercise or work out incorrectly, increasing your chances of injury.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons offers these suggestions for proper exercise:

Take a few minutes to warm up with some light cardio exercise (walking or jogging) and gentle stretching before you begin your workout.

Donated Pacemakers From U.S. Safely Reused in India: Study
Medical news

Reusing pacemakers from dead patients is safe and effective, according to a new study.

It involved 53 heart patients in Mumbai, India, who received pacemakers donated by the families of deceased American patients. The pacemakers were sterilized before they were implanted in the Indian patients.

Health Tip: Risk Factors for Varicose Veins
Medical news

Varicose veins are swollen, bulging and often painful veins that tend to occur in the legs.

Are you more likely than the average person to develop them? The website mentions these risk factors:

Aging, due to declining function of vascular valves.

Timing of Aquatic Therapy After Joint Replacement Matters
Medical news

Starting aquatic therapy within days after total knee replacement appears to improve patient outcomes, but that's not the case for those who've had a total hip replacement, according to a new study.

The number of patients having total knee and hip replacements is increasing, but there is a lack of agreement about the best type of post-surgical treatment, noted the German researchers.

Study Finds Fewer Blood Transfusions Needed After Hip Surgeries
Medical news

Less may be more when it comes to blood transfusions after surgery.

New research shows that such transfusions did not speed recovery or reduce the risk of dying among more than 2,000 elderly people who had hip surgery.

More than 15 million units of blood are transfused in the United States each year, often to elderly patients recovering from surgery.

Asthmatics are at increased risk of heart attack
Medical news



People with asthma should pay more attention to heart health, as a disease that requires daily medication, may increase the risk of heart attack by 60%, according to American researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

High salt intake significantly increases the risk of kidney disease
Medical news



High salt content in the diet significantly increases the risk of developing health problems of the kidneys, writes Timesofindia.

In the new study, researchers found that high salt intake (average of 4.

The hormone oxytocin helps to cope with anxiety and fear
Medical news



The hormone oxytocin, which is often called the hormone of love, helps people to overcome fear. German scientists from the University Hospital of Bonn hope that this discovery can be used in the treatment of anxiety disorders.

During the child's expectations of men as hormonal changes occur
Medical news



American researchers have found that during pregnancy, hormonal changes not only the woman but also her partner, writes Meddaily.

The study involved couples who are pregnant.

Arsenic can form the basis of the drug from breast cancer
Medical news



Arsenic is more likely to cause Association health problems than good for him. In the new study Chilean scientists have found that this chemical element can really help in the fight against breast cancer.

The age of onset of menstruation affects the risk of developing diseases of the cardiovascular system
Medical news



Scientists from Oxford University have found that not only high blood pressure, diabetes, Smoking and obesity influence the development of cardiovascular disease, but the age of onset of menstruation in women,

Changing the school schedule will help children to consume more fruits and vegetables
Medical news



Children often prefer tasty and harmful products. However, researchers from Brigham young University believe that if the big change will be before lunch, during lunch break, the children will eat more fruits and vegetables.

Some Causes of Stillbirth May Be Avoidable: Studies
Medical news

Stillbirth has long been a mysterious and devastating pregnancy complication. But two new studies are uncovering more about what causes stillbirth and the factors that may raise a woman's chances of having a stillbirth -- at least some of which are avoidable.

Noisy Toys Might Harm Kids' Hearing
Medical news

Some toys at the top of children's Christmas wish lists could pose a hearing threat, according to researchers.

They measured the noise levels of 24 popular toys and bought the 10 loudest to test in a soundproof booth. All 10 toys exceeded 90 decibels and several reached 100 decibels or more, which is about equal to the noise of a power mower, chain saw or subway train.

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