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Viagra and caffeine are used to treat premature infants
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Caffeine can save the life of a premature infant. It stimulates the diaphragm and lungs, and brain, causing the child to breathe. For premature babies can be useful, the active ingredient in viagra is sildenafil,

The duration of baby sleep affects the development of memory and learning
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According to scientists, the key to learning and memory development in the first year of life is a long dream baby, BBC reports.

Researchers from the University of Sheffield watched 216 infants under 12 months.

The optimal age for learning a foreign language
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It has long been known that learning a second language is useful for the brain. In the new study, researchers found the most favorable age to start learning a foreign language. It turns out that most effectively learn a new language in 10 years.

The American authorities for the first time in 44 years put man on strict quarantine
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U.S. authorities have placed one of the passengers of the TRANS-Atlantic flight to quarantine, as he discovered the dangerous resistant TB.

According to officials,

Slim people also are at risk of developing diabetes of the second type
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The slim people as there is a danger of developing diabetes, as well as people who are overweight, reported at the University of Newcastle.

Scientists believe that people need to understand that body fat can accumulate in different ways.

Appearance-thirds of cancer cases are caused by way of life
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A group of American scientists conducted a study which aimed to identify the causes of the different degrees of vulnerability to cancer in various tissues in humans. Experts have also identified the factors that usually lead to cancer.

The apples used for the treatment of drug addicts
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The pectin contained in apples, included in the program of detoxification in the treatment of drug addicts who use marijuana, cocaine and heroin, writes UNIAN.

It has long been known the cleansing effect of apples on the body.

Excess cholesterol in the diet causes inflammation of the intestines
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According to a new study published in the journal Nature Communications, high cholesterol eat food starts in the intestinal inflammatory process that leads to development of diseases.

Blood tests will help to choose the most effective method to combat Smoking
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Blood tests will help people find the most effective strategy in the fight against Smoking, U.S. researchers from the University of Pennsylvania.

Studies show that about 60% of people who try to quit Smoking,

Cartoons contain more scenes of violence than adults movies
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Scientists from University College London found that children's cartoons contain many scenes of violence, and more people die than in films intended only for an adult audience, writes Meddaily.

Almond helps to get rid of fat around your belly
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Add in the daily diet of almonds helps to fight abdominal fat, which is a risk factor for diseases of the cardiovascular system, say researchers from the University of Pennsylvania,

To combat the epidemic of Ebola virus will take at least a year
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According to the world health organization, outbreak of fever Ebola in West Africa will take at least a year, the BBC reports.

This message was delivered by Professor Peter Piot of the who,

Loss of sleep after a divorce can be deadly
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People who lose sleep due to divorce, increased risk of high blood pressure and early death for this reason, according to researchers from the University of Arizona, USA.

Scientists have found that if sleep disturbance was observed in the first couple months and then came back to normal,

Rapid weight gain in the first months of life increases the likelihood of asthma
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British researchers from the University of Bristol found that rapid weight gain in the first 3 months of the baby's life increases the risk of developing asthma aged 8-17 years.

Scientists are monitoring health information of more than 9 thousand children from their birth until their 17th birthday.

Diary strengthens the immune system
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It turns out that keeping a diary helps not only to relax and record their thoughts and plans, but also has a positive impact on health, experts say.

Scientists believe that the diary inspires optimism and excitement associated with achieving their goals.

Scientists have found a way to deal with rheumatoid arthritis
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Scientists have created an implant the size of a coin, which is able to change the signals from the nervous system, which allows them to cope with inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis,

Scientists have identified the fruit, which effectively reduces appetite
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American scientists have proven that if you eat along with Breakfast or lunch at least a few slices of avocado, the feeling of hunger in the next three hours is reduced by 40%. The results of the experiment conducted at the University of Loma Linda (USA),

The experts appreciated the benefits of the microwave oven
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Today, the microwave is on almost every kitchen. And Western scholars are advised not to be afraid to actively use this technique. Because the microwave is useful not only quick cooking,

Neurologists recommend: brain need daily workout
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To the human brain for a long time maintained their cognitive abilities, it is necessary for all life to follow simple rules, according to leading experts at mit and Harvard medical school (USA).

Playing musical instruments protects against dementia
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The positive effect of music known for a long time. In the new study by California scientists have identified another fact. It turned out, playing musical instruments reduces the risk of dementia by about a third.

The Scandinavian diet helps to prevent diseases associated with obesity
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Scientists from the University of Eastern Finland claim that the Scandinavian diet, which is based on fish, vegetables and fruits, effectively helps to cope with the harmful effects of excess weight.

Scientists have created a new type of implant, restoring mobility after paralysis
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With implant, moving together with the spine and spinal cord, was able to restore mobility to paralyzed rodents, BBC reports.

Scientists from the Federal Polytechnic school of Lausanne said that before all implants were hard,

Alcohol lowers immunity
Medical news



French researchers from Loyola University claim that drinking alcohol in large quantities has a negative impact on immunity.

Professionals working with patients who have suffered injuries,

People who are experiencing feelings of guilt, is the most responsible workers
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Workers experiencing more often guilt is usually very hard-working and ethical. Such employees do not want to let colleagues, so always try time to do its job. However, they are less willing to cooperate with others,

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