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The risk of terrorist attacks increases the likelihood of cardiovascular problems
Medical news



The constant fear of terrorist attacks may increase the incidence of heart attacks and increase the risk of mortality reported the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

In the new study,

Music lessons help children to cope with psychological problems
Medical news



Does music affect areas of the brain responsible for controlling emotions. According to scientists, the passion for music can help children to cope with a variety of psychological problems,

Scientists have been able to double the time window for first aid for a stroke
Medical news



American scientists have managed to create a method, which could increase the time window for assisting stroke patients, according to Meddaily.

Researchers from the University of Illinois have developed a new technology for the delivery of drugs directly to the brain.

The drug from diabetes can be useful in the treatment of tuberculosis
Medical news



Singapore researchers have found that well-known drug for diabetes Metformin in experiments on animals and in the application of the human strengthened protective response of the host body against Mycobacterium tuberculosis,

Obesity will be treated by electricity
Medical news



U.S. Administration on control over products and medicines have been approved and registered the device with the help of electrical impulses to treat obesity.

This is the first such device for the last 8 years,

The abuse of salt increases the risk of gastric cancer
Medical news



High salt intake may not only lead to high pressure and cardiovascular disease, but also increase the risk of stomach cancer, according to scientists.

It is known that gastric cancer is the most common cause of bacterial infection Helicobacter pylori (H.

Drug treatment for hyperactivity will help to cure uncontrolled gluttony
Medical news



According to scientists, a drug used to treat hyperactivity and attention deficit, may be useful in the treatment of uncontrolled overeating, writes Meddaily.

Uncontrolled eating is similar to bulimia,

The habit of sleeping long weekend hazardous to health
Medical news



Many people love longer to lie in bed on weekends. However, experts believe that this trend can cause obesity. The longer a person to luxuriate in bed, the higher the risk of obesity and related diseases,

A glass of warm milk will help to overcome insomnia
Medical news



According to scientists, if you have any sleep problems or insomnia, then a glass of warm milk before bedtime will help to cope with this problem, writes

The researchers reported that the beneficial effect on sleep milk has due to the content of the amino acid tryptophan,

The presence of the partner during painful regprocedure can sometimes even increase the pain
Medical news



The presence of a romantic partner during painful medical procedures in some cases may affect health partner than to improve it, according to scientists from University College London,

Created a remedy for insomnia, rebuild biorhythms
Medical news



Canadian researchers from McGill University and University mental health Douglas has created a drug that effectively treats insomnia, reconstructing biological clock of the body.

Emotions help to remember events
Medical news



Any time in life, and especially bright event is put away in our memory. However, according to researchers from new York University, memories can change under the influence of emotions tied to them.

The use of smartphones leads to changes in brain activity
Medical news



The human brain adapts to the use of new technologies. It managed to fix using electroencephalography (EEG), reported researchers from the University of Zurich.

In research took part 26 of smartphone users and 11 people with normal mobile phones.

Alcohol in moderation strengthens the immune system
Medical news



Alcohol strengthens the immune system, if consumed in moderate amounts, scientists say.

In search of improving the body's response to infection specialists found that a small amount of alcohol may provide a protective effect.

In 20 years there will be no need for chemotherapy
Medical news



According to experts, the creation of a global database of DNA in the next 20 years will forget about chemotherapy for cancer patients, write Midwest.

In the next 20 years,

The atmosphere in the family of the child affects the health of his heart in adult life
Medical news



The welfare of a child affects his health of the cardiovascular system in the future, say researchers from the University of Helsinki.

In research took part 3577 children aged from 3 to 18 years.

Vitamin D reduces the risk of colorectal cancer
Medical news



Vitamin D is important for improving bone health, and cardiovascular system. In the new study has found that high levels of vitamin D also reduces the risk of colorectal cancer.

In laboratory studies it was found that vitamin D increases the function of the immune system by activating T-cells that recognize cancer cells and attack them.

Stress reduces the level of empathy to strangers
Medical news



Stress is the reason why it is difficult for us to empathize with strangers, BBC reports.

Tests on humans and mice have shown that empathy for strangers increased if the level of the stress hormone was blocked by the drug.

The brain can form new neural connections for playback memories of the trauma
Medical news



The brain is able to create new pathways of the nervous system in order to recreate tested in the past, fear, discovered by American researchers from the Institute of mental health.

Beet juice reduces blood pressure better than drugs
Medical news



British researchers from the University of London Queen Mary say that enough every day to drink a glass of beet juice to reduce the pressure in people with hypertension, even if the disease is not amenable to medical control.

Give up bad habits is easier with a partner
Medical news



British researchers from University College London decided to find out how often people are able to quit Smoking, start exercising or to lose weight with a partner. It turned out acquire good habits is easier if done with a partner,

Developed a simple online test to diagnose dementia at an early stage
Medical news



Scientists from Oxford University have developed a simple test that will allow you to detect dementia at an early stage and to reduce the risk of developing disease in the future.

Russian vaccine against HIV infection was the second stage of clinical trials
Medical news



In the Russian health Ministry said that the Russian vaccine against HIV has passed phase II clinical studies, RIA Novosti reported.

A spokesman of the Ministry Oleg Salahi recalled that in may 2014 during the Fourth conference on HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia were developed prototypes of three candidate vaccines against HIV.

Broccoli contains a component capable of coping with a rare and incurable disease
Medical news



Antioxidant found in broccoli, can theoretically be used for the treatment of progeria, an incurable and rare diseases, according to German researchers from the Technical University in Munich.

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