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Sedentary work is a bad influence on the psychological state
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According to Australian researchers from the University of Tasmania, sedentary work increases the risk of deterioration in psychological status.

In research took part 3367 government agencies.

Obesity shortens life by eight years
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Obesity can take up to eight years of life and lead to poor health for several decades, told the canadian researchers from the University of Montreal.

Data analysis showed that obesity at a young age has a more devastating impact on health and life expectancy.

Weight can be controlled, if you eat at a certain time
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According to the California nutritionists, to maintain the slim figure you need to eat within a certain time window in 8 hours. This will allow you to control not only the weight but also to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

The time of year when the birth affects the mood and temperament of the person in the future
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The time of year when the birth affects the temperament and mood of the person. In some cases this may affect the risk of developing affective disorders, consider Hungarian researchers from the University of Budapest.

Scientists announced the creation of the drug, which will be able to eradicate malaria
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An international team of scientists has discovered a class of molecules that have proven effective against malaria parasites in experiments on animal models. Experts believe that the drugs on the basis of these molecules are completely new and will be able to overcome even the resistant form of the disease,

Sunscreens can a third to reduce male fertility
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It is known that tanning in the sun, you must use sunscreen. However, scientists have found that such cosmetics can reduce men's chances of conceiving a child. It turns out that the components of the cream is able to penetrate inside,

Electric hand dryers contribute to the spread of bacteria
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Modern hand dryers are worse than paper towels, if we are talking about the spread of germs, reported researchers from the University of Leeds.

Scientists have to experiment a harmless bacterium Lactobacillus to simulate hands that badly washed.

Scientists have developed a drug that neutralizes the negative properties of alcohol for the brain
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British researchers from the University of Huddersfield has developed a drug that can counteract the adverse effects of excessive alcohol consumption, and also approached the discovery of new treatments for Alzheimer's and other neurological diseases,

The weight of the baby at birth affects his cognitive development and school performance
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American researchers from northwestern University found that the weight of the baby at birth affect his school performance. Namely, the more weight the child at birth, the better,

By 2018 in Russia will produce 90% of vital medicines
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Representatives of the state Duma said that by 2018, 90% of vital medicines will be produced in Russia, according to Medportal.

According to information of the state Duma today,

Three-dimensional printers will make plastic surgery more safe and effective
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In the near future plastic surgery can change greatly. Such changes are predicting professionals using three-dimensional printers in transplants of tissues on the face, writes Meddaily.

Scientists have found a new way of dealing with chronic pain
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American scientists from the University of St. Louis was able to rid rats from chronic neuropathic pain caused by nerve damage, says Meddaily.

Experts managed to do it by activation of the A3 receptor in the brain and spinal cord of rats.

Sleep deprivation provokes negative mood
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American researchers from the University of Binghamton has found that people who are late and get up early are more likely to have a negative attitude.

The study involved 1 thousand students.

Frequent nightmares may indicate health problems
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According to experts, frequent nightmares can occur due to the presence of cardiovascular disease, migraine, and use of beta-blockers, writes UNIAN.

Medical somnology claim that if dreams occur more often than usual,

Girls heavier than boys suffer aggression from parents
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Parental aggression forces girls to experience deep inner feelings. In turn, boys tend to respond to aggression with aggression. Under aggression from parents understood, scientists slapping,

Overweight guilty of more than 3% of cancer cases
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Scientists from the International Agency for research on cancer reported that a high body mass index (BMI) is a risk factor for such diseases as cancer of the esophagus, colon and rectum,

Passive Smoking hookah increases the risk of developing cancer
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Inhalation of smoke from a hookah promotes the ingestion of high amounts of benzene, which doubles the risk of certain types of cancer, including leukemia, reported researchers from the University of San Diego.

Poor quality of marriage is dangerous for the heart health of older people
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Bad relationship with a partner in a marriage increases the risk of cardiovascular disease in the elderly. It is especially apparent in women, reported researchers from the University of Michigan.

Vaccination against influenza and good care can reduce maternal mortality
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The proportion of women dying during or soon after childbirth in the UK declined. However, scientists from the University of Oxford believe that up to 50% of deaths can be avoided to improve the care of women during childbirth and provide vaccination against influenza.

Activity of the brain can determine whether the person able to quit Smoking
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Activity in the area of the brain responsible for self-control, will help to predict the probability of relapse after trying to quit Smoking, reported researchers from Pennsylvania.

Mental professional activity protects the brain in old age
Medical news



People who have in the professional field constant mental stress, such as lawyers and graphic designers, are likely to have fewer memory problems in old age.

The study involved 1 thousand Scots,

The Mediterranean diet keeps you young genes
Medical news



American researchers have found that the benefits of the Mediterranean diet is that it is able to preserve youth genes. This allows a person to stay healthy and live longer, says Fox.

The popularity of selfi has led to increased demand for plastic surgery
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In recent years there has been increasing demand for plastic surgery of the face. According to experts from the American Academy of plastic and reconstructive surgery, such a surge of desire to change their appearance is associated with the popularity of selfi in social networks.

Vitamin D supplements help to improve the condition of lung disease
Medical news



Dietary supplementation with vitamin D can improve the state of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in 40% of patients with deficiency of this vitamin, reported researchers from the University of Queen Marie in London.

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