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The impact of a very unpleasant odor during sleep may help to stop Smoking
Medical news



Israeli researchers from the Weizmann Institute has studied the possibility of deliverance smokers from the harmful habits in the sleep method of the combination of the smell of tobacco smoke with dramatically different unpleasant odours.

Virgins ignore safe sex
Medical news



According to data obtained by the company Durex when interviewing young people from different countries, almost a quarter of girls who make love for the first time, do not use any form of contraception.

Found a genetic mutation responsible for the aging brain
Medical news



An international group of scientists, consisting of approximately 300 people, found that aging brain are 8 common genetic mutations.

The researchers examined the results of more than 30 thousand scans of the brain of people living in 33 countries,

Orange juice is better absorbed by the body than fresh fruit
Medical news



Many people believe that fresh oranges healthier juice. However, in the new study experts found that despite the high sugar content in the juice, the human body is easier to absorb some nutrients than fresh fruit,

Coffee contains a substance similar to morphine
Medical news



Scientists at the Department of genetics and biotechnology at the University of Brazil opened the protein in coffee, which in its properties similar to morphine, writes Meddaily.

Dirty air triggers weight gain in elderly
Medical news


In the new study by American scientists from brown University found a link between air pollution and the formation of excess fat deposits in the elderly.

Experts have analyzed the relationship between air pollution caused by exhaust gases of cars,

Potatoes are very useful and not prone to weight gain
Medical news



In the pursuit of slender figure, people often avoid eating potatoes. But nutritionists are concerned, as the lack of fiber, which is rich in potatoes, can lead to health problems.

Girls are often higher achievement than boys
Medical news



According to American researchers from the University of Missouri, boys lag behind girls in academic achievement in reading, mathematics and science, writes Meddaily.

The researchers assessed the level of achievement 1.

Hormonal contraceptives increases the risk of brain tumors
Medical news



Hormonal contraceptives for five years or more increases the risk of rare brain tumors, according to Danish researchers.

In research took part 317 women aged 15 to 49 years.

Vitamin a deficiency increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes
Medical news



According to American researchers from the medical College Weill-Cornell in new York, deficiency of vitamin a can cause the development of type 2 diabetes, writes

Scientists have conducted experiments on rodents,

Nutritionists have recognized the pear is a very useful fruit
Medical news


Nutritionists said that pear is very good for health as it contains many antioxidants, flavonoids and fiber. In addition, experts believe that the pear promote weight loss, reduce the risk of cancer,

Homosexuality genes
Medical news



American scientists from Illinois found that homosexuality can be identified at birth, because it is innate and not acquired factor.

The researchers conducted a genetic analysis 409 brothers of homosexuals,

The atmosphere in the dining room affects the correctness of child nutrition
Medical news



Scientists from Johns Hopkins proved that the atmosphere in the dining room affects the amount eaten and the correctness of the child's diet, writes Meddaily.

Experts watched 274 students of preschool and younger school age from 10 public schools in new York.

Developed method for prediction of epileptic seizures
Medical news



Australian engineer in computer science Michael hills has developed an algorithm that will predict the likelihood of an epileptic fit, writes Meddaily.

Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disease that is accompanied by convulsive attacks.

Sleeping on the stomach is mortally dangerous for epileptics
Medical news



Epileptics who love to sleep on my stomach, increased risk of sudden death during sleep, according to scientists from the University of Chicago in Illinois, USA.

Epilepsy is a brain disorder that causes recurrent seizures and is diagnosed in approximately 50 million people worldwide.

Fitness club can be a breeding ground of pestilence
Medical news



Hiking in the fitness club can be dangerous for health. The fact that many visitors are unfair to the issue of personal hygiene, which greatly increases the risk of the spread of dangerous infectious diseases,

In Los Angeles committed infected with bubonic plague
Medical news



Hospitalized a few days ago, a resident of Los Angeles confirmed the diagnosis of bubonic plague. This was announced on Tuesday, representatives of the city Department of health.

Morning exercise helps children with ADHD to concentrate
Medical news



For children suffering from attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), daily aerobic exercise before school can help reduce the symptoms of inattention, Caprice and complexity of concentration at school and at home,

Soon chin can be removed by injection
Medical news



In the United States pending approval on the use of the injection, which is designed to fight fat, forming a second chin.

A double chin can be removed by introducing a synthetic chemical that destroys fat cells.

In Israel retained for IVF egg five girls
Medical news



Israeli scientists were able to bring to maturation in vitro ovum not Mature girls with cancer. According to researchers, the new technique gives hope motherhood is suffering from cancer and at risk to remain infertile after chemotherapy to children.

Who: the Epidemic of Ebola virus declined
Medical news



In the fight against Ebola virus in West Africa came the "tipping point". Officials of the world health organization reported that they had managed to record a decline in the incidence in all three countries,

Cocaine causes heart lesions that are not visible under normal tests
Medical news



Use of cocaine can cause damage to the tiny blood vessels of the heart, but this problem is not detected during routine medical tests, said the researchers from the hospital Means Sinai in Chicago.

Madagascar recorded outbreak of plague
Medical news



Madagascar recorded outbreak of plague. August 2014 from this disease on the island died 40 people, according to the world health organization (who).

According to data provided by the news Agency Reuters,

In the Netherlands found dangerous strain of avian influenza
Medical news



At a poultry farm in the Netherlands discovered a dangerous strain of avian influenza. The European Commission convened the meeting and discussed emergency measures of protection,

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