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Coffee acknowledged safe for the heart, even in large quantities
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Filtered coffee in large quantities does not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in most people, according to the journal Circulation.

This was the conclusion of an international team of scientists from the University of Madrid (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid) and the Harvard school of public health (Harvard School of Public Health),

The circumcision out of fashion in the USA
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According to research conducted in the framework of the National health survey and public life of the United States, the popularity of male circumcision in the country reached a record low.

Dementia wife kills in the second half
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Hospitalization or the death of one spouse significantly increases the risk of imminent death of the other spouse, with women more acutely experience the loss of the second half,

Stem cells were first tested on animals, patients with Parkinson's disease
Medical news



American scientists pioneered stem cells from primates who have Parkinson's disease. The results obtained during this experiment are very encouraging.

Stem cells that have successfully helped rodents were used in primates.

The family of criminals were not allowed to conceive a child
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The European court of human rights considered it justified the refusal of the British authorities to grant imprisoned murderer and his newly liberated wife to conceive a child through artificial insemination.

Remote Breasts will attempt to repair using stem cells adipose tissue
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U.S. researchers said on Thursday about the imminent start of clinical trials of new methods of recovery of the breast tissue. The methodology will be based on the use of autologous stem cells adipose tissue of patients.

Obesity during pregnancy threatens sick offspring
Medical news



European researchers are calling for urgent action to combat obesity among women of childbearing age. According to them, the children born from mothers with overweight, exposed to a greater risk of health problems in the future,

Scientists plan to develop a synthetic polio vaccine and destroy disease
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An international group of scientists trying to develop a fully synthetic vaccine against polio, BBC reports.

The disease has been virtually eradicated. Currently in the world every year,

From teenage boys most children born with birth defects
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Men who became fathers during adolescence, most children born with birth defects. According to British researchers from the University of Cambridge, due to the fact that the reproductive system of young people not yet working in full force.

The human brain becomes Mature later than previously thought
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The area of the brain associated with the formation of the behavioral reactions (striatum), up to 25 years remains active. According to American researchers from the University of Pittsburgh,

Daily short sleep can restore the body after a sleepless night
Medical news



Short sleep in the daytime able to normalize the hormonal background of a person after a sleepless night, experts say.

In experiment took part 11 volunteers.

Social networking will help doctors better understand patients
Medical news


Canadian researchers from the University of British Columbia found that social networks can help doctors better prepared to communicate with patients and answer their questions. Many people turn to the Internet correspondence in search of information on health issues.

Canada shared the liver unfamiliar with sick child
Medical news



46-year-old man became the first in Canada and one of the few people in the world who has agreed to become a donor liver for a complete stranger.

During the operation,

New methods of saving the world from epidemics will take effect today
Medical news



This Friday will enter into force the new and revised rules of the international medical safety, designed to make the world safer in the face of threats to the global health of the planet.

New drugs open era in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
Medical news



The emergence of the pharmaceutical market of three new drugs for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis promises to open a new era in the treatment of this disease.

A study of the Austrian uchenymi showed high efficacy medication called rituximab,

Scientists were able to cure mice from diabetes
Medical news



American scientists have achieved complete cure of diabetes type 1 in mice using a combination of two drugs, reports the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Diabetes type 1 diabetes usually occurs in childhood,

Pilates can be hazardous to health
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Pilates is considered a safe and useful, as they help to strengthen the muscles and calm the nerves. However, the 42-year-old Briton has faced problems and got to the hospital the Royal College due to her interest in Pilates.

The first letter of the name affect the success of romantic relationships
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The first letters play an important role in creating the first impression about a person, according to British researchers from the University of London Queen Mary.

Scientists conducted a study which found that people with names that begin with the first letter of the alphabet,

The symptoms of menopause lasts two times longer than previously thought
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In a large study, researchers found that the duration of menopausal symptoms for much longer than is commonly believed, writes Medikforum.

It is believed that a woman may experience unpleasant symptoms associated with menopause,

Perhaps in the near future will be an effective method of treatment of Alzheimer's disease
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Swedish experts from the Centre for research on Alzheimer's disease in Sweden reported that, perhaps, they managed to develop a method of treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

Scientists explained that the implanted proteins contained in the nerves (nerve growth factors),

Risk of suicide due to air pollution are more prone men
Medical news



Previously, scientists have linked air pollution with risk of suicide. In the new study by experts from the University of Utah to find out whether this risk by age and gender.

The researchers studied data 1.

The scientist says that kissing the cold is not transmitted
Medical news



A British expert in the field of colds, Professor Ron Eccles of Cardiff University says that the kiss with Protogenes man perfectly safe and not in danger of contamination.

The scientist explains that the virus is transmitted through sputum that fall in the air by sneezing or coughing,

Drug for the treatment of arthritis may be an alternative treatment for asthma
Medical news



Queensland scientists have found the drug to treat arthritis unique properties in the treatment of asthma in patients who are not amenable to standard therapy, writes Meddaily.

Scientists have said that we are talking about the drug,

Music prevents older people to recall information
Medical news



According to American researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology, music allows people to relax, but the older she prevents to concentrate and remember information.

In the new study involved older people and students.

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